We’re Needed Now More Than Ever

As nonprofit organizations, our local restaurants have always been there for us when we needed it most. Let’s work together to return the favor! With Help4Hope, you can help feed people during their time of need, while also helping to keep our food-service industry on its feet and benefit our local economy as a whole. Each of us is vital to keeping our economy going, and by joining the Help4Hope initiative, we are empowering our neighbors to help one another.

We are suggesting that you reach out to the community to purchase Community Investment Cards to help reach your goal number. Goals can be adjusted according to your needs and budget.

Host a Private, Invitation Only PopUp Event

As the host, you determine your Community Investment card recipient list and the method for card distribution. Consider inviting recipients to a specific location, possibly your place of business, at a certain date and time, or send cards by mail with a note of appreciation. 

Non-Profit Sample Email

Non-Profit Sample Flyer