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Thank you SO MUCH for signing up to participate in Help4Hope! We hope and pray this initiative will be a blessing to your business during this unprecedented time.

Below is all of the information and items you need to put the Help4Hope program to work for your restaurant.



Financial Forms

In order to process your reimbursement payments, you will need to download the forms and complete the forms below. Once completed, please email the forms to Leslie Vargas-Prada at the Community Foundation of the Lowcountry. This will make the reimbursement process faster and smoother.

ACH Form

W9 Form



In order to insure the cards are only used one time, cut the card in half to remove it from circulation. To submit cards for reimbursement, place the half of the card containing the unique number (found on back of card) on the template provided below. Make sure to complete the template with the date, restaurant, and number of cards. Provide a picture of the template with cards to Chris Crowe at or 843-384-4405.

Card Reimbursement Template


Social Media

The best way to get the Help4Hope program working for you is to let people know that you are a participating restaurant on your social channels. To make everything easy for you we have created social media posts for you. Just download the appropriate graphic sized for Facebook and Instagram and copy and paste the text below (including the hashtags). Don’t forget to include a link to help4hopenow.org.

We want to help! We are proud to be a participating restaurant in the @Help4Hope community initiative. During this time of crisis, it’s easy to get down out of fear and feelings of helplessness. But if we work together, we know we can get through this. By making a donation at the link in our bio, you will make it possible for @blufftonselfhelp, @thedeepwellproject, Campbell Chapel AME, @lowcountrycc, and @hiltonheadpres to distribute #Help4Hope cards to families in need. These cards will be used at local restaurants like ours, where we will give the family a meal made for four. After the family receives their meal, our restaurant will be reimbursed $50 per card for our efforts to helping keep this community on its feet.

This is a chain reaction, and the way it will work is with everyone’s help. Let’s all work together to get through this time of crisis and be more united than ever before. Donate today at the link in our bio!

#Help4Today #Hope4Tomorrow #LowcountryStrong #HHILoveMyIsland #HeartoftheLowcountry

Facebook Graphic

Instagram Graphic


Website Badge

You can also promote your participation by displaying the badge on your website.

Website Badge



Please visit our FAQ page for any questions you may have. If you still have questions please contact Katherine Reeves.




Let’s work together to provide relief to our Hilton Head Island and Bluffton communities amidst COVID-19 and its aftermath.

Invest in our community by making a donation today.

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